5 Conventional types of TV Wall Designs
TV Wall provide the perfect perch for your and usually provide some storage space for other components; they should accent the rest of your décor adding a little style to your home. They are made from different materials, pick the one that complements the other furniture in your home properly.
1. Entertainment Centre
entertainment centre
Entertainment centres are usually massive in size making a statement as the centrepiece of the room. Their construction is richly detailed as they do more than housing a TV, they have space for any other entertainment component such as art pieces, books, DVDs, CDs and much more; making it the focal point of the room. They can really set a living room off and often contain shelving or closed cabinetry.
2. TV wall mounts
wall mount
Wall mounts take up no space, they allow for comfortable viewing of the screen as it would be placed at a suitable eye level and create the feel of a movie theatre at home. Holes are usually drilled into the walls for the TV screen to be mounted; TV wall mounts are of different types such s low-profile wall mount, tilting wall mount and full motion wall mounts.
3. Cantilever
These are more like wall mounts and shelving combined, they have a flat base that rests on the floor with a central spine that rise from the back upon which the TV is mounted. The shelves or cabinets allow for storage of other media and entertainment components; they are very stable and do not require walls to be drilled into walls. They can be easily relocated if you want to rearrange the room.
4. Corner TV stands
corner tv stands
The rear of a corner stand is shaped in a way that it would push back further into the corner which allows for the efficient use of a part of the room that is normally unusable. Corner TV stands are the best to choose when there is limited space or you don’t want the TV to be the focal point of a room. Most of the corner stand options still include plenty of space to tuck in a streaming media device or Blu-ray player.
5. Hideaway TV stands
These type of TV stand allows is mostly considered by those who don’t watch TV often, don’t like the idea of a blank screen taking up space in their home or those who would rather display something else than a blank screen when no one is watching it. Hideaway TV stands conceal the TV when it is not in use; they are usually motorised and expensive.
It is important you pick the right size of TV stand for your screen as they come in different sizes as well as designs. Go with the design that suits your style and blends with your home décor.