Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

Not everyone has training in interior design but most people decorate their own homes — and everyone makes mistakes. It’s inevitable. You find things and think they’ll be great in the living room, and you bring them home without any plan or idea of what’s would be the right addition.


A Lack of Color

Neutral palettes have been a trend for quite some time, and that has led to quite a bite of boring decor. By playing safe and sticking with neutral furnishings, walls and accessories, homeowners have created a wide range of uninteresting spaces. This doesn’t mean that you have to paint all the walls a vivid color and upholster everything in bright prints. Adding a single wall of an accent color can add a real punch to room, even when the rest of the decor is neutral..


Too Much Furniture

With interior design, it’s entirely possible to have too much of a good thing, especially where furniture is concerned. Just as important as the pieces you put into a space is the sense of space itself. A room overcrowded with furniture will never feel spacious. All your pieces should be in an appealing arrangement and fulfill your needs with regard to function and comfort. Don’t let furniture impede traffic flow through the space or restrict movement. If a room ever feels cramped, remove a piece or two of furniture and see if it eases the feeling in the space.

Unbalanced Furnishings

Balance in your furnishings is approached in two ways. The first is the pieces themselves. No matter what the style of the decor, you want a balance among the pieces to keep if from feeling too heavy or crowded. This living room is a good example because the sofa has a very hefty feel because the thick frame sits directly on the ground. The occasional tables on both sides are leggy, which balances out the heavier sofa.


When it comes to decor less is definitely more. The nicest rooms with the most pleasant feeling always have accessories…just not too many. Unfortunately, conquering clutter is about more than just organization. Yes, you need to have enough storage space to stash your belongings out of sight, but there are many other ways that a home can feel cluttered. Too many accessories, a huge number of pillows, too many things on the shelves, artwork hung without a plan — these are some of the examples.