Exclusive varieties of WARDROBES DESIGNS You need to Know

Exclusive varieties of WARDROBES DESIGNS You need to Know

Exclusive varieties of WARDROBES DESIGNS You need to Know


After a bed, the cloth cabinet is one of the maximum critical fixtures items in any home. Considering that wardrobes are one of the most used portions of furnishings within the domestic, you need to make certain your cloth wardrobe is not best functional but it additionally suits your private experience of favor. We bring you some styles of cloth wardrobe designs which might be popularly to be had in the market.

A Free standing Wardrobe

This is a traditional style of a wardrobe that can easily be moved around the house or from room to room. The most common free-standing wardrobes come in a wood finish although there are also plenty of metal and plastic options on the market.

A Free Standing wardrobe

This is a traditional fashion of a cloth wardrobe that could effortlessly be moved around the residence or from room to room. The most commonplace loose-standing wardrobes come in a timber finish despite the fact that there also are lots of steel and plastic alternatives in the marketplace.

Some of the limitations of this type of wardrobe is that even the largest can often be a little short of space inside. 






Hinge Door/Openable Wardrobes:

Hinge door/ Openable wardrobes are the maximum not unusual shutter fashion. They’re the same old dresser answer, where the shutter opens without delay in the front. Available in both a handle and cope with-less layout, this conventional shutter is the most versatile and is without problems lockable. With hinge door wardrobes, the consumer should have sufficient space for the shutter to open out in the front to efficiently access their objects. At any given time, the user can get admission to the whole cloth cabinet immediately by means of establishing all the shutters..
Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes are a modern take on the classic hinge door wardrobe styles. With changing times and having a non fussy style of “almirah”, it is an ideal choice with a contemporary look. As per the available width, sliding door wardrobe can be designed with two, three or four doors. The sliding doors glide smoothly on a track.For effective use of the bedroom space this is the best choice, as it occupies less space. No more pull-out wardrobe-doors on hinges. This enables more free space in the room.

The sliding doors can be made in different types of sliding systems and with a wide variety of materials creating endless possibilities.

You can also add an overhanging loft to store your large size luggage/ suitcases and other stuff that is used only once in a while.


Walk in wardrobes are the ultimate luxury when it comes to clothes storage and are fairly rare. For people who are really into fashion and collect a large amount of clothing over time, walk in wardrobes can be the perfect solution. A standard walk in wardrobe would have hanging and storage space on every side with perhaps a chair to one side or a bench in the middle. That being said, walk in wardrobes are the most versatile of the three options and can in most cases be designed to the perfect spec for any given user. A walk in wardrobe could be added to a bedroom with a partition with sliding doors, or even more easily, a spare room could be converted.
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