Here are some few tip to using wallpapers for house.

Don’t pick a design that would be off every other thing. that’s why we ask our clients, Which design do you want?. Common response is ” I saw this design at a friend’s house and this and that”. If it works for your friends interiors, how sure are you that it will work for your?.

2) The colour Combination- Most wallpapers do not come in too much colours except you are lucky or maybe you travelled out and got a customised wallpaper..
Be smart in making colour and colour combination choices. Pick as relevant.

3) Design pattern- Yes, patterns. This affects alot. You pick floral design, you must complement it with your space, artistical designs, complement it. Any form of wallpaper design you pick make sure it complements the space.

4) Functionality-. Don’t go use homey wallpaper in your office or something too seriously looking at your home. Be wise about your choice.

5) Contemporary- . we never go with trends. Trends fade. So when making decisions, think wisely. Don’t just always think of now.

6)Quality- We have different qualities. Some are resistant to some elements while some are not. Make sure you ask the product manufacturer or dealers or retailers questions about the wallpaper you are about to buy. They are sure in the best position to advise you. Its more than just a wallpaper

And Finally, let an expert fix it for you(Antiques and decor). Its just a little extra cost but I can assure you, its well worth it.

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