A lounge is usually a little more formal, with comfortable chairs, couches, beautiful tables, art, maybe bookshelves, etc. It’s a room where you can receive company, sit a read, listen to music, etc.

A lounge is more formal. I think of times in history, mostly in movies, in which a lounge was where men gathered for a
cigar and business talk. There were supple, leather couches and everyone wore clothes befitting an evening on the town.
If you didn’t have a tie or sharp dress – you didn’t have access to the lounge.

A living room is where all gather and is an equal space. Men, women, and children can gather in the space and feel at home. You can have parties in a living room without worrying about what you’re wearing. A living room is home to the
television and your movie night with the girls fits perfectly into the space.

A living room is more of a place for the family to gather for fun activities; playing games, watching TV, kids bringing
friends over, etc. It’s usually set up with a television and entertainment system, and is less formal than a lounge or
sitting room.