There are different finishes and styles of bedroom furniture. Wardrobes are an essential thing to take into consideration, because they are among the biggest pieces of furniture that will be featuring in your bedroom. You will be able to purchase them in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs.

  1. Cost – The expenditure of every wardrobe will heavily be influenced by the kind of wood that the wardrobe has been made from. MDF interior is known because it is highly durable, but at a premium, particleboard would be a better option if you are planning for Budget Built in Wardrobes because of its relatively lower cost. MDF is more durable, sturdy and flexible to work with. Once also coated in polyurethane paint, it can even pass from generation to generation. You will be able to expect to get a great number of years out of your wardrobe. Otherwise, local manufacturing has ensured the standard of particle board today is far more compressed and durable than it was years ago.
  1. Style – A wardrobe that is stylish will make your bedroom feel even better. Whilst in the ideal world, we would all love to have that beautiful polyurethane wardrobe, our lifestyles vary from person to person and from family to family. Although limited in style, a budget built in wardrobe can be customized to appear far more stylish and exclusive that its actual price tag. A change of aluminium trimming, colour of glass will go a long way in giving you that exquisite affect.



  1. Lifespan – Whilst coated finishes almost always have greater lifespan and durability, warranty in the wardrobe industry is a must regardless of product. Selecting budget wardrobes with a reputable company that provides you with a minimum of 10 years warranty on the essentials is a must, even when opting for the cheaper type of wardrobe.
  1. Materials and sizes – Wardrobes are produced with various standard materials and standard sizes. As often in the budget range, you may be required to abide by a set range of ‘standard’ sizes to maintain the suppliers wastage %. For example, if a large operation supplier can produce 1000 units at 2400mm in width (economies of scale), naturally a premium will be charged to deviate away from this size. To ensure the best price, speak with your supplier about what their standard sizes are.

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