While closets are a staple of any current bed room layout, the walk in closet is a totally sensible addendum to any luxurious domestic and an critical department in relation to decluttering your space. With a few correct layout alternatives, you could have the walk in closet of your goals. The first component to determine when thinking about walk in closet thoughts is a way to create the maximum purposeful space possible. Here are few points to recall even as designing a walk-in cloth wardrobe….


In closet design, there are three general possibilities:

–an “L” shaped closet
–a “U” shaped closet
–a straight walk in closet

Closets in the form of “L” occupy two of the walls of the room leaving you space to move. A “U” occupies three walls for maximum storage. The straight closet design allows for his and hers sides and works well in smaller areas. Depending on closet size, all three shapes benefit from an ottoman or seating area for putting on shoes or dressing.

2.Style is Key

Review walk in closet ideas and decide on a style for your closet. Contemporary styling is the best for a clean, uncluttered space to display your clothes beautifully. Have a definite style in mind to keep a walk in closet looking cohesive and stick with it!

3.Good Storage

Having dedicated storage for all clothing and accessories makes it easier and less stressful to find the items when you need them. Adding plenty of drawers to your closet design is the best way to keep items organized and dust-free.

The right organizational plan consisting of shelving, hanging space, drawers and cabinets keeps a closet looking neat and uncluttered.

4. Color

No other color in the palette creates a better backdrop in your walk in closet other than white for your clothes to shine. White is high-contrast, bright in what is normally a dark room and always looks crisp and new.

5. A Dressing Island

If you have the luxury of space, a dressing item is the perfect spot to drop all your things until you use them again. Islands come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Be sure to select one with plenty of storage drawers and shelves to maximize storage

6. A Vanity

One of the newest upgrades in the world of walk-in closet design is the built-in vanity. Regardless of the amount of space available, you can add one to your walk in closet.

7. Lighting

Illumination will assist maintain your closet brilliant, pleased and assist you fast discover what you r searching out. It’s a good concept to choose fluorescent lights instead of incandescent to reduce down on more warmth the bulbs give off

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