top 10 suggestions on putting in bathroom Wall Panels

installing wall panels to your rest room is the great way to present your walls a smooth, elegant, and contemporary appearance. whilst their professional appearance may advise in any other case, lavatory wall panels are genuinely very simple to put in – severely, any beginner DIY fanatic can entire the process to a trendy any tradesman could be happy with. All you want to do is observe those pinnacle hints:

1. Get the right gear
rest room and shower wall panels are easy to reduce and slot together, with trims and joints assisting to offer a elegant finish. To get the job carried out properly, you will need:

tape measure
spirit level
pleasant tooth noticed
sharp blade DIY/craft knife
clean silicone (if you’re installing panels in the back of a shower)
safety gloves and goggles.

2. ensure Panels are Acclimatised
As a popular rule, panels need to be in a rest room for 30-60 mins prior to installation. Given the warmth and humidity of lavatories, the cloth will need to modify to its environment to do away with movement after set up.

3. clean walls
make sure all surfaces are easy before installing panels. Painted surfaces have to be sanded to allow adhesive to take, even as newly plastered partitions should be sealed with a primer.
If walls are in properly situation and comparatively flat, panels can commonly be glued without delay to the surface. Adhesive can be implemented to the wall or the back of the panel with a hundred% insurance. A notched trowel will make certain the pleasant consequences.

4. decide in which Is fine to start
For the best consequences, panels must constantly be mounted from left to proper. measure out to make sure you are not left with a skinny reducing side at the opposite give up of the wall. If a small reduce is possibly, it’s miles fine to begin the wall with a half panel.

5. in shape ‘J’ edges
‘J’ edges (so called because these are shaped like the letter J) will want to be hooked up on the floor and ceiling edges. fixing is done using silicone and screws.
ensure the floor edge is completely level earlier than securing – this may allow panels to take a seat upright and make installation even less difficult than it already is!

6. fitting the Panels
that is where your new lavatory actually begins to take form. practice the adhesive to the wall or panel and flex the sheets into the top and bottom ‘J’ edges. Firmly push the sheet against the wall to permit it to bond with the wall. Use adhesive on the lower back legs of the ‘J’ edges as you flow alongside the wall.

7. match ‘H’ Edges
After the first panel is in area, you will need to fit an ‘H’ facet (again, so referred to as due to the fact those resemble the shape of the letter ‘H’). those are secured to the wall with silicone and screws.
go away a three-five mm hole for growth and use beads of silicone at the lower back legs of the ‘H’ facet to seal sheets as you flow along the wall. ‘H’ edges will want to be hooked up after each panel.

8. reducing a Panel
while you need to reduce a panel, continually cut with the face side up – and bear in mind: degree two times cut as soon as. Panels can be cut with a fine tooth noticed or DIY knife.

9. Conquering Corners
Corners are normally finished with an inner or outside perspective, which may be secured with force rivets or adhesive. these sit down over the pinnacle of the panels and conceal any unsavoury cuts. alternatively, corners may be completed the use of a ‘J’ area.

10. caring for your Panels
together with your lovely, hygienic wall cladding panels established, your bathroom may be simpler than ever to hold. Panels are actually washed down with water or a aggregate of diluted soap and detergent. try and easy panels weekly – always consistent with manufacturer instructions.


Top 10 suggestions on putting in bathroom Wall Panels Top 10 suggestions on putting in bathroom Wall Panels


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