The best interior design with a custom sliding wardrobe can only be achieved when key factors are considered, such as, the size available, main purpose of wardrobe, accessibility and allocated budget.


Where size is a limiting factor in preferred interior design, it is important that a realistic design is sketched. There is little point in designing for a 2.4 m wide wardrobe when the space is only 1.2 m.


If it will be used mostly as a bedroom wardrobe, it is best to include a combination of hanging as well as shelving/ drawer space. For storage/ study rooms, adjustable shelving and hard based drawers will be the better option.


Is the proposed interior design easily accessible for its intended users? Making a top shelf height of 2100mm may work well for the taller users of the home/ office, but may become a burden to other users that may prefer a standard 1950mm high top shelf.


The allocated budget to the interior design is usually about 90% of factors behind opting for a standard interior layout. Soft close drawer runners, custom made drawers and coloured laminate interiors are some of the features everybody wants on the inside of their wardrobes. Ideally, these would be available on all built-in wardrobe interiors, but in reality they are not.