Service Overview

Décor should be all about getting your brand noticed. At Antiques and Décor, we are specialists with over a decade of experience in handling and installing fine art, designer furniture, antiques, and other valuable items with our design installation services. We offer museum-quality, white-glove service with a delicate, specialist touch to safely handle and install your fragile and highly valuable items.

Our team of experts can provide fine art installation, designer furniture installation for any of your projects. You can choose our services for individual pieces and items or even large collections and exhibitions.

Our team are able to install all materials from wall coverings, wallpaper, vinyl hanging banners, three-dimensional lettering to signage and so much more. No matter what your unique redesign needs, we are able to help. So whether you are looking for a retail or commercial décor redesign, at Antiques and Décor, our expert staff are waiting to guide you through the process, with your unique input also being a vital part of the overall process

Why Choose Us?

We consider all the aspects that might affect the project in any way.

We gather data that allows us to formulate the best plan of action for your unique needs.

Our site survey allow us to provide you with critical information about the job.

Our site survey gives you peace of mind and ensures that we have everything we need to do a perfect job.